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Graphical Word Processor for every website!

Ever had a website made by a developer, and you could not maintain it easily afterwards? We have the solution for you.
Thaditor is a no-code user-friendly interface that lets you visually edit hand-coded website yourself.

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Edit anywhere at anytime

Thaditor is a folder to install on your website, so that by just adding ?edit to any website address, you can simply edit your content live, on any device.

Obtain further flexibility

Designers can customize the editing experiences e.g. easily synchronize content across pages or make pages multilingual (like this one).

Save time and money

Thaditor's A.I. works seamlessly with frameworks, making website editing easier and faster for both end-users and experienced programmers.

Screenshot of Thaditor's first release

Thaditor 1.1

Download the installer file ThaditorInstaller.php, put it at the root on your website, and follow the instructions on

Thaditor enables to save changes made on the Chrome devtools, made directly on the page and also through its wonderful toolbar.
Thaditor free version supports HTML files, JavaScript only when it modifies elements or move them around, hyde-generated websites, and a subset of PHP.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the upcoming versions that will support partial and full JavaScript language and frameworks (React, Angular...), full PHP (WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, Drupal...), Python, Node.JS websites and more.

Download Thaditor Installer

Disclaimer: Thaditor offers no guarantee whatsoever for the free and trial version, and currently works on Apache servers only.

Frequently Asked questions about Thaditor

They love Thaditor

"This is what I always wanted. I could not maintain my website made by a designer. Thaditor offers me a feeling of MS Word: I can now change pictures and testimonies, change services, keep my bio up to date. This is amazing."

Jennifer B., financial services
(Webflow website)

"Being able to change my website myself? That's awesome. Before, when my day was over, thinking about my website was like uh... Now I can go ahead and just update it."

JP. Coffy, education services
(Adobe Dreamweaver website)

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About Co-founders

Aseem Bhardwaj, CEO

Aseem has an extensive experience working for both Fortune 100 and start-up technology companies like IBM as a Certified Software Architect and as Senior Principal Architect for Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe premium partner firm. He started his first technology venture in 2017. He is a self starter with an open mindset and has deep passion towards innovation/creativity that creates positive impact in the society. He is an author and has over 75+ professional certifications in the area of predictive analytics, data science, Blockchain, A.I. and cloud computing.
He is a recipient of prestigious C.S.E.M. scholarship and has B.S. with honors in Network Engineering/Computer Technology from Purdue University and an M.BA. from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Mikael Mayer, CTO

Mikaël obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2017. Former Google engineer and researcher at Microsoft, inventor of two patents, one of which led to the birth of Tharzen, Mikaël pursues his vision that everyone should be able to code, while benefiting from visual interfaces. He makes accessible its research carried out in post-doctorate at the University of Chicago.
He also obtained the Elca prize for the best grade for his master's degree in computer science. Mikaël is also an author and multimedia artist.

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